Микита Поляк & Віталій Зарубицький

Микита Поляк

Senior Strategic Planner at “42 Digital Marketing”

Digital marketer, analyst and project manager, Nik started his career in digital marketing in early 2012. He worked in e-commerce and B2B digital companies and made all the way from assistant to the chief marketing officer.

Nik has joined 42 Digital Marketing team in 2016 and elegantly manages our key accounts ever since.

In his free time Nik runs webinars on web analytics at the «WebPromoExperts» Academy and other marketing educational platforms.

Certified by Yandex Metrics, Google Analytics and Google Adwords.

42DM works primarily with B2B companies, providing the following services:

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Inbound Marketing/ Content Marketing
  • Website Analytics
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Marketing
  • Digital Advertising

Among the clients of 42DM there are such IT outsourcing companies as SourceSeek, Incomlend, K&C, Triangu, AllStars IT

Віталій Зарубицький

42 DM / Chief Business Development Officer

7 + years of marketing and business development in international product and development companies. Goal-oriented, self-driven and decided person, displaying a strong sense of integrity and dedication.

Vitaliy is responsible for potential markets and prospects identification, communication with customers and partnerships development. Has been in charge of the sales, marketing, and customer service for many successful businesses in his previous positions.

Тема доповіді: Growth hacking for Outsourcing company: How to get new leads via latest digital marketing tools?

Тези доповіді:
We are going to share the methodology on developing the Growth hacking marketing strategy. Growth hacking – is an up-to-date marketing trend, which is based on a trial and error method for launching new services in terms of a highly scarce resource. In fact, it is an experimental marketing. Yet experiments are rather unpredictable. Thus, in order not to get lost in their torrents, we offer our system of a successful Growth hacking strategy development. To give some idea on its efficiency we shall present real case studies of our clients.

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