Olga Zhirova & Natallia Logvinova

Olga Zhyrova

“Oscar”, CEO

Natallia Logvinova

Art director “Oscar design academy”


Founder of creative agency “Oscar” – Olga Zhyrova and Natallia Logvinova
Founder of Art School Web Design “Web-fabrika“, which finished more than 200 students, the more than 200 students have been trained by us for only one night on the project “Design Night” in Kharkov.
The organizers of the Festival “advertising, design and PR” in Kharkov

The organizers of the “Design Night” in Kharkov:

  • Member of the set of conferences and owner of prestigious design awards
  • Conducted more than 100 workshops on design and business
  • Develop websites and branding for European and foreign companies

Topic: How to build a brand from scratch


  1. 5 steps to creating legendary branding for your company;
  2. How to use the brand to draw vip-clients?
  3. Key components of a strong brand;
  4. The increase in profits with the help of successful branding;
  5. “What distinguishes Western culture from our branding”.
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