Alex Vinogradov

Founder&CEO Videal

Alex Vinogradov is a technology entrepreneur who loves to connect, inspire and drive people towards overall goal achievement, also with pro-active approach and passion in everything he does.

Vinogradov is a Founder & CEO of Videal, research and software engineering company that helps Seed/SeriesA startups to accelerate their time-to-market providing remote software engineering teams, and technology consulting services.

Before Videal, Vinogradov worked as a software engineer in a field of the development and deployment of EDMS for business and government, also was responsible for communication with potential and existing customers.

Vinogradov graduated Kharkov State University of Construction and Architecture with honors, has several diplomas of leadership and management schools.

Тема: #1SalesSkill или как быстро завоевывать доверие и сердца клиентов

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